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"I provide comprehensive Medicare consulting services for individuals, small groups, large groups, and seminar presentations. Please reviewe the list of available services and contact me with any questions. My goal is to answer your questions and provide the most comprehensive Medicare advising services possible." -Jon Ebersole



Review current medical and prescription drug coverage; Review Medicare eligibility; Research available medical and prescription drug plans; Assist with enrollment paperwork; Assist with claim issues and appeals. 

Pre-Medicare (Turning 65 in the near future)

If you are just becoming eligible for Medicare, I will analyze any coverage provided through your employer and how it will coordinate with Medicare. If needed, I will research available Medicare plans and help you select the plan that will best fit your needs. 

Currently Medicare Eligible (65+ or Special Circumstances)

If you are currently covered under a Medicare plan, but unhappy with the coverage, I will analyze your current coverage and help you select a different Medicare plan that will better fit your needs. I can assist with any claim issues and appeals.


Actively Working and Medicare Eligible (65+ and Working)

If you are over age 65 and still actively working you have special Medicare eligibility rules that apply to you. Did you know that you can defer Medicare coverage will working for an employer and still have a special enrollment period after you retire? I will guide you through the eligibility process when you are thinking of going back to work or are leaving work and are ready to join Medicare.


Invite a group of up to 10 family and/or friends to your home or other location and I will do an engaging and informal yet comprehensive presentation on the basics of Medicare. 


If you are an employer and you do not offer post-retirement healthcare to your employees, but you want to help educate them on the transition, I will do a Medicare Madness Seminar on the Basics of medicare and how to choose a health plan that best fits their needs. Personal consulting sessions can then be scheduled directly with any employees that desire service. 

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